WebCTRL Wireless

Announcing the release of ALC wireless sensors!  



The new line of wireless sensors monitor a variety of building conditions including temperature, humidity, motion, light and the opening and closing of doors and windows. This information is then shared with the WebCTRL system where various control strategies are executed to enhance occupant comfort and optimize energy usage.

The new wireless sensors include energy-harvesting EnOcean® technology which collects ambient light via built-in solar panels that power the sensor and send wireless communications. Batteries or other power sources are not required when sufficient lighting exists in the space

Automated Logic Wireless System Benefits

    • Wireless and battery-less space sensors (assuming sufficient lighting exists in space)
    • Maintenance-free capacitors power the sensors during unlit periods for up to 4-days without a light source
    • Easy and cost-effective installation
    • No repeaters or amplifiers required for zone-based applications
    • Sensors transmit on COV (change of value), to save energy
    • Integrates seamlessly with WebCTRL alarming for proactive monitoring of important sensor conditions, including:
        • Sensor backup capacitor charge
        • Sensor signal strength
        • Sensor offline
        • Product Available in this Release


See your local representative for details!!

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