Automated Logic is pleased to announce the release of a new EnergyReports™ product. With the new EnergyReports tool, building owners and operators will be able to use their WebCTRL building automation system to securely push data from a single building or a portfolio of buildings to the cloud.

ER1With the new EnergyReports tool, building owners and operators will be able to use their WebCTRL building automation system to securely push data from a single building or a portfolio of buildings to the cloud. From there, they can create graphs, charts, reports and dashboards to visualize the building data, which will enable them to:

    • Analyze and normalize energy consumption across buildings
    • Compare energy costs across buildings
    • Convert energy consumption data to cost or carbon dioxide emissions
    • Benchmark building performance data against ENERGY STAR® scores
    • Identify performance issues to maximize building efficiency
    • Improve occupant comfort, productivity and engagement
    • Drive energy conservation measures

Automated Logic Advantage: WebCTRL® Environmental Index™

EI 1

Comfort Counts

The Automated Logic Environmental IndexTM tool, also known as a Comfort Index, is the ideal tool for analyzing ongoing operations as well as assessing your sustainability targets. The index rolls up granular zone data, providing you general operational insight with the ability to drill down to any zone in question.

EI 3

Be in the know, 24/7

The Environmental IndexTM tool assesses how well systems are controlling, identifying problem areas and delivering the justification for remedial action.

A live, dynamic dashboard provides real-time analysis of conditions to the operator so they know exactly what is going on. With this technology, you won’t have to rely on a remote “expert” in the cloud who’s unfamiliar with your building.


WebCTRL® Hourly Weather Add-on

Is Your Facility Environment ready to adjust to today’s & tomorrows Weather?

weather add on hourly

Are you interested in controlling your facility more efficiently based on the weather forecast? Or, do you want your building occupants to stay comfortable during an upcoming heat wave or cold snap? Well, good news – Automated Logic’s weather add-ons allow you to do just that!

If you are already familiar with our existing WebCTRL® weather add-on, you know that you can execute intelligent control strategies based on the weather forecast for the next 7 days. And, you can view the 7-day weather forecast on an intuitive graphic inside of your WebCTRL system so that you always know what’s going on outdoors.

Our new WebCTRL hourly weather forecast add-on extends the capability of our existing weather add-on. Instead of getting only daily forecasts, you can now get hourly forecasts, too – allowing your control strategies to become even more precise! Our new hourly forecast add-on is compatible with the® weather service.

Key Features and Benefits

Full 5-day, hourly forecast including:

  • Hourly temperature
  • Hourly dewpoint
  • Hourly wet bulb
  • Hourly humidity

Hourly conditions forecast including:

  • Wind direction, wind speed, and gust speed
  • Precipitation | Rain | Snow | Ice

Includes pre-configured WebCTRL graphics for:

  • Daily weather forecast
  • Hourly weather forecasts

WebCTRL 6.5 Release -Bring on the Data!

ALC 6.5

WebCTRL® System v6.5 Application Release Announcement

We are excited to announce the release of the WebCTRL® system v6.5 application, which is now available. This release includes new innovative features and engineering enhancements. Some highlights of this release are:

Turbo-charged Trend Engine – The speed at which trends display and are deleted has greatly increased because of a new trend database structure.

wc timer

5X Write Speed

10X Delete Speed

15X Read Speed

70% reduction in storage space

New Linear and Angular Gauge controls

You can now quickly and easily create, scale and configure linear and angular gauges in ViewBuilder. Angular and linear gauges are enabled by the WebCTRL v6.5 application Cumulative patch for WebCTRL v6.5.

wc guage

Wireless Sensor Support

To support our upcoming wireless sensor and control line release, the WebCTRL application now supports additional Rnet tags relevant to wireless products.

  • Signal Strength %

  • Battery Strength %

  • Lux (for light level sensing)

  • Sensed Occupancy

  • Contact Sensor

Enhanced Mobile and Small Screen Navigation

The WebCTRL application can now detect access on a small-screen device such as a smart phone or small tablet, and will deliver a new interface that accommodates the smaller screen.

wc tablet

Security enhancements including but not limited to:

  • BACnet firewall – The v6-02 drivers for Automated Logic controllers with Ethernet capability have a new BACnet firewall feature that allows you to restrict communication with the controller to all private IP addresses and/or to a whitelist of IP addresses that you define.

  • Advanced password policy – This policy that lets you set rules for operator passwords is now included with a WebCTRL application system, and no longer requires an optional package.

WebCTRL® System – PlantCTRL chiller plant control solution

plant ctrl

Key Features

  • An integrated component of the WebCTRL® System, the PlantCTRL chiller plant control solution responds to the building load by automatically starting, staging and stopping the plant, resetting the chilled water supply temperature, and matching the tonnage produced to the tonnage required by the building.
  • Proven, reliable, factory-engineered and supported control algorithms for plant management are designed to reduce engineering and commissioning labor.
  • Supports 20 I/O points on the controller, up to (6) MEx I/O expansion modules in panel configuration or remote mounted up to 100 ft away for scalable solutions (164 I/O points total).
  • Supports advanced algorithms, optimizations, diagnostics, and analytics add-ons.
  • Native BACnet communications to field devices over TCP/ IP, Ethernet, high-speed ARCNET 156 Kbps or BACnet MS/TP networks.
  • Supports optional flow meter inputs for tonnage calculations.
  • Graphically programmed with self-documenting control sequences and a live view of all sequence components.
  • Universal inputs and outputs, with HOA override switches and potentiometer adjustment available on all outputs.
  • Supports full integration with variable speed pumps and other products via BACnet, Modbus®, or LonWorks® protocols.

Optimization Benefits

In addition to basic plant automation sequences, the PlantCTRL solution offers specific sequences that can lower plant energy consumption, reduce equipment “wear and tear”, and ultimately increase occupant comfort.

Several of these options are described here:

Plant Scheduling – Allows plant start/stop according to user defined scheduling or with scheduling plus OA conditions.

Benefit: Reduces unnecessary plant run time; therefore reducing plant operating cost.

Optimized Chiller Staging – Multiple user selectable staging strategies available to automatically vary the number of running chillers to deliver the precise plant capacity required by the building load.

Benefit: Operates the minimum required number of chillers at peak efficiency in response to building load, minimizing equipment short cycling which improves occupant comfort, reduces equipment wear and tear, and lowers plant energy consumption.

Demand Limiting – Plant capacity is automatically adjusted based on network electric metering, preventing the plant from exceeding pre-defined levels of energy consumption.

Benefit: Limits plant energy consumption to fixed levels, avoiding excess demand charges.

Chilled Water Setpoint Reset – Allows automatic adjustment of the target chilled water setpoint based on either ambient conditions or measured building load.

Benefit: Allows the plant to produce chilled water at a setpoint that varies with the building load, reducing the delivered plant capacity and avoiding short cycling of downstream equipment, thus improving occupant comfort while reducing energy consumption.

Variable Primary Flow Chilled Water Pumping – Automatically varies pump speed proportionally to the building load as measured by the load differential pressure.

Benefit: Reduces energy consumption of chilled water pumps.

Secondary Loop Chilled Water Pumping – Automatically varies the number of running pumps and pump speed proportionally to the building load as measured by the load differential pressure.

Benefit: Reduces energy consumption of chilled water pumps.

Staged or Variable Speed Cooling Tower Fans – Automatically varies either the number of operating fans or the speed of a single operating fan in response to condenser water temperature. Also limits tower capacity when it has reached the maximum possible condenser water temperature based upon ambient conditions and tower approach.

Benefit: Minimizes tower fan run time and/or fan speed, reducing tower energy consumption.

Chilled Water Pump Staging – Automatically matches the number of running pumps to the flow requirements of the running chillers.

Benefit: Reduces unnecessary chilled water pump run time, while preventing insufficient plant chilled water flow. Combining these strategies will reduce plant energy consumption and eliminate chiller short cycling.

Cooling Tower Staging – Automatically matches the number of running towers to the heat rejection requirements of the running chillers.

Benefit: Reduces unnecessary tower and condenser pump run time, while preventing insufficient condenser water flow. Combining these strategies will reduce plant energy consumption and eliminate chiller short cycling.

  • – Cut Sheet    – PSM_CS

“What’s new in WebCTRL v6.1”

WC v6.1

We are very excited to announce the release of WebCTRL v6.1. WebCTRL v6.1 will be available for purchase on Friday May 29, 2015. This release includes new innovative features and engineering enhancements. Go to Help, and then “What’s new in WebCTRL v6.1” for a complete list. Some highlights of this release are:

  • New EquipmentBuilder Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) library
  • New Fault Detection and Diagnostic Alarm Categories
  • ZN microblock limit increased from 400 to 700 to support FDD
  • WebCTRL® EnergyReports™ 2.5 support
  • Graphic Layers in Viewbuilder allow greater graphic view flexibility
  • Graphic Local Variables enable conditional expressions improve interaction
  • ALC supported Add-ons included in the install
    1. Docs – This add-on provides a simple mechanism to manage and display the documentation associated with a WebCTRL system. There are numerous as-builts, network diagrams, and other documents that are associated with WebCTRL locations, but are awkward to attach as graphics. This add-on provides a simple way to include a large number of documents in a system and associate different documents with different locations in WebCTRL without requiring custom view files for each location.  You include links to the documents in a view file using the ViewBuilder WebApp Content control.  You may easily customize the format of the resulting content.
    2. WebCTRL® EnergyReports™ v2.5 – This add-on is an incredibly flexible, easy-to-use reporting tool that gives facility managers the power to produce a wide variety of reports showing a building’s energy consumption. Using dynamic and animated color graphs, EnergyReports allows users to compare energy consumption or demand over different periods with simple drop-down menus and calendar control options. A click of the mouse enables users to normalize consumption data, convert the data to cost or carbon dioxide emissions, and change engineering units on the fly. This gives facility managers a powerful tool to minimize energy consumption, maximize comfort, and achieve sustainable building operations.
    3. JumpTo – Search and Navigation – This add-on allows you to search for locations in WebCTRL (based off of display names) and click on a link to navigate there. This is very handy in big systems since it provides search results as you type.
    4. Notes – Similar in function to the yellow adhesive note pad on your desk. Notes provide an on-screen way to attach textual notes to locations in a WebCTRL system. These notes are visible to and changeable by all users of WebCTRL. This provides a way for a user to store observations or information for later retrieval.
    5. Operator Training – This add-on includes all the WebCTRL operator training videos for installation on the WebCTRL server.
    6. Viz – This add-on is a general purpose data visualization tool. This initial version supports scatter plots – later versions will support more graph types. Viz allows you to add graphs to WebCTRL graphics pages from historical trend data.
    7. Weather – This add-on retrieves both current weather conditions and forecasts. The weather information may be displayed on a graphic page or written to a control program for use in control logic. This version supports two sources of weather information:
      1. The US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Weather Service (NWS). This free data is updated once an hour.
      2. Environment Canada. This free data is supplied as a courtesy of the Canadian Government. Many locations have a subset of the possible data.
    8. Zone History – This add‐on helps analyze historical information about zones, providing detail on the amount of time spent in different colors. This is a first step in our initiative to develop better analysis tools. Suggestions are always welcome on other zone information to compare.