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These days, everyone’s making a big deal of big data. But the fact is, Automated Logic has been putting analytics to work in buildings for more than 30 years. We design and develop intuitive, intelligent, complete controls that make it easy for building owners and managers to understand data, make decisions and balance efficiency with occupant comfort. We are a world leader in energy solutions, and in making data simpler, we make it big.

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Managing Energy and Comfort

Automated Logic has partnered with Building Operating Magazine (BOM) to provide a FastCast webinar titled:  “Managing Energy and Comfort” by Dr. Steve Tom, Director of Technical Information for Automated Logic.  BOM will be facilitating this webinar, but we’d like to invite you to join us for this quick 30-minute webinar in addition to our monthly SalesCast as we think you might find it beneficial.

Topic:      Managing Energy and Comfort
Date:        Thursday, May 28th, 2015
Time:        1:00 pm ET
Speaker:   Dr. Steve Tom

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White Paper

Building intrinsic analytics into Automated Logic’s WebCTRL® Building Automation System

This paper will provide a brief explanation of what analytics is and will show how Automated Logic (ALC) is building analytic tools into current and future releases of WebCTRL®. The WebCTRL Building Automation System provides the ability to understand a building’s operation and analyze the results. WebCTRL integrates environmental, energy, security and safety systems into one powerful management tool minimizing energy consumption, maximizing occupant comfort, and achieving sustainable building operations.

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Press Release

Automated Logic, Onity Partner to Create New Intelligent Hospitality Solution

ATLANTA – May. 8, 2015 – With a new integration module from Automated Logic Corporation (ALC), hotels with Onity room thermostats can use the WebCTRL® building automation system as a total building management solution to manage guest comfort.  ALC, a leading provider of innovative building automation systems, and Onity, a provider of energy management solutions in hospitality, are parts of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

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See how we make data big in chiller plants

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WebCTRL Add On / Notes


Notes provides a way to attach textual notations to locations in a WebCTRL system.  These notations are visible to and changable by all users of WebCTRL.  This provides a way for a user to store observations or information for later retrieval.

For example, a note can be placed on a equipment location that indicates where the physical equipment is located, or who to contact when a problem occurs.  They can be accessed by the “system menu” (where logout is found) as a new menu item called notes.  They can also be added to a graphics (.view) file for greater visibility.

This Add-On requires the “March 2014 cumulative patch for WebCTRL v6.0” or later.

Contact Your ALC / WebCTRL® local office for additional details.


WebCTRL – Add On / Equipment Maintenance


EQ Maintenance – Now what was wrong with this piece of equipment and when was it serviced?

Enter EQ Maintenance..Allows those questions to be answered by adding the specified note type to your equipment at the place where the records can be found and recorded. These arbitrary notes are associated with specific locations in the system and can be assigned a type and then that type can be used to search for previously entered notes.

What is OpenADR?

OpenADR (Automated Demand Response) is a high-level computer-to-computer communication protocol, a product of the Smart Grid initiative. Its purpose is to provide a standard way for utility suppliers to automatically and securely communicate with their customers’ building systems to reduce energy demand during critical periods.

OpenADR (Automated Demand Response) is a high-level computer-to-computer communication protocol, a product of the Smart Grid initiative. Its purpose is to provide a standard way for utility suppliers to automatically and securely communicate with their customers’ building systems to reduce energy demand during critical periods. OpenADR can also be used to encourage voluntary reductions and rescheduling through dynamic (real-time or forecast) time-of-day pricing. An early version (OpenADR 1.0) was primarily used as an experimental development platform by a few utilities in North America. The current version (OpenADR 2.0) was released in late 2013 and is being adopted and gaining recognition as an international standard. Implementation of version 2.0 is still in the early stages and as with any new standard, some issues and conflicting interpretations are being resolved through experience.

open ADR


Read more about OpenADR and Automated Logic’s ADR Add-on in the attached PDF.

Automated Logic is a member of the OpenADR Alliance.

ALC’s OpenADR Add-on




Get Your Eco-Screen!!

 Eco-Screen Webinar Thursday, June 12, 2014 @ 2 PM EST

All Welcome!

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Use the above link also to connect via supported BlackBerry and iPad devices.

To prepare in advance for the conference (for all devices):https://connect3.uc.att.com/unitedtechnologies/Prepare/.

To view supported Operating Systems and devices:http://www.corp.att.com/attconnectsupport/supporteddevices



Automated Logic – EcoScreen






Connects to WebCTRL® (read only) to monitor energy data.

  • Displays data including current energy and water usage, reductions in CO2 emissions, outdoor air conditions (temperature, humidity, wind direction/speed).
  • Builds awareness of LEED® certification requirements, ENERGY STAR® criteria and your sustainability goals.
  • Educates building occupants about the mechanical systems in the facility.
  • Dynamic color graphics bring the building to life, making its behind the scenes workings engaging and interactive.
  • Includes web version – Included with the Eco-Screen Sustainability Kiosk version is a web version that can be optionally enabled and accessed on Adobe Flash-capable web browsers.
  • Includes a large standard library of equipment graphics, icons, and educational animations.  Contact ALC’s Graphics department for custom graphics and animations.
  • Includes 2 hours of self paced video training.


Contact Your ALC / WebCTRL® local office for additional details.

Automated Logic Sponsored WebCAST Assessing your BAS for Optimal Results

ALC WN 2014

It is a fact of life that buildings change. And as those changes add up — whether it’s new uses of a space or reduced lighting loads due to improved technology — it’s important that the building automation system (BAS) keep up. But in many buildings, the BAS hasn’t kept up. As a result, a BAS assessment is a key opportunity for many facility managers to improve building efficiency.This webcast will identify the steps to take when preparing for — and undergoing — a BAS evaluation. From design documents to verification to occupant interviews, the presentation will address how you can assess your current BAS and determine if an upgrade (including some low- or no-cost improvements) or replacement is needed.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how to prepare for a BAS evaluation and what you should look for during the assessment.
  • Determine how to prioritize the results of the evaluation and determine next steps.
  • Learn about updates to BAS technologies and how they impact today’s facilities.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutesRegistration Link

Mr. Scott Lance, LEED AP O&M is a Senior Project Engineer with Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP. He has 15 years of hands-on experience in project management and systems engineering and has successfully organized critical business requirements and identifying deficiencies. Mr. Lance is experienced with all aspects of building automation and controls systems including conceptual design, engineering, installation, start-up, commissioning, O&Ms and customer training. In addition to lab and cleanrooms, Mr. Lance has experience commissioning education, commercial, museums and healthcare facilities.
*For those attendees who successfully complete a learning outcomes assessment, Trade Press Media Group is authorized by IACET to offer 0.1 CEUs for this program.