WebCTRL v6 Released !

October 07, 2013

We are very excited to announce the release of WebCTRL v6!

WebCTRL v6 Highlights

· WebCTRL v6 sports a completely new look! User friendly icons and larger buttons adorn an elegant new design, updating and simplifying the user interface. Time-lapse can now be easily accessed from a new ‘movie reel’ icon conveniently located on the top bezel.
· Multi-Browser support is offered in both desktop and mobile environments, so system operators can use their favorite browser to surf WebCTRL from the convenience of a tablet (iOS, Android, and Windows)

· A new multi-trend display renders historical data to the screen in just seconds and provides innovative new controls to help diagnose building system performance.

· Alarms can now be managed more easily thanks to a simplified user interface!

· WebCTRL v6 (WC500 and WC) now includes the advanced Enterprise Integration option, enabling all facility managers to benefit from add-ons like EnergyReports, ZoneHistory and Notes

· Add-ons like ‘Zone History’, ‘Trend Export’, and ‘Dataviz’ can also be more conveniently deployed in WebCTRL and offer new capabilities.

· DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) addressing is now offered for those customers whose IT personnel prefer to assign IP addresses using DHCP.

· Several security enhancements have been added to WebCTRL v6, helping our customers keep their Building Automation Systems (BAS) secure!

Key new features and benefits of WebCTRL v6 are described with screen captures for clarity! Print in color or email! Check out the “What’s New in WebCTRLv6” for a more detailed feature-by-feature description, including enhancements to all WebCTRL tools. Request detailed cutsheets today!


EquipmentBuilder for Educators

Want to create a control program for a fan coil unit, a VAV terminal, or other types of HVAC equipment?  EquipmentBuilder for Educators will automatically generate a control program, a points list, and a sequence of operations based on design options you select. The Educator version saves control programs in the same .logicsymbol format used by EIKON.  So, if the thousands of options in EquipmentBuilder don’t give you exactly what you want, you can edit the program in EIKON for Educators and customize it to meet your needs.

Download Link: http://www.automatedlogic.com/eikon-for-educators/%20/


EIKON® for Educators

EIKON for Educators allows you to quickly create complex graphical control programs and then run these programs in a simulation mode to see how they perform. The Educator version saves programs as .logicsymbol files, a more compact format than the machine executable .equipment files used by the non-Educator version.  If you have a WebCTRL® system, you can open the .logicsymbol file created in EIKON for Educators, save it as a .equipment file, and download it into a running control module.

Download Link: http://www.automatedlogic.com/eikon-for-educators/%20/


Automated Logic will demonstrate its new innovative Time-lapse feature

Automated Logic Showcases New WebCTRL Time-Lapse Feature at NFM&T Expo
Automated Logic will demonstrate its new innovative Time-lapse feature within the WebCTRL® BAS at the National Facilities Management and Technology Conference and Expo (NFM&T) March 12 to 14, 2013 in Baltimore.
During the three day event, Automated Logic engineers will be available to demonstrate the effectiveness of Time-lapse, a graphical diagnostic tool that allows users to rewind and play back hours of building data in minutes. Time-lapse provides a quick overview of building operations and enables users to pinpoint the source of issues impacting their facility’s performance.

“This innovative feature is like having instant replay for your building,” said Lauren Kolb, president, Automated Logic. “Our goal is to give our customers an easy, effective way to balance smart and efficient energy use with a comfortable environment, and this new feature does exactly that.”

Automated Logic will also participate in an educational session. Steve Tom, director, technical information, Automated Logic, will present in the Greening of Existing Buildings track with a session entitled “Automatic Control of Natural Ventilation.” This presentation will examine the control system design of several existing and upcoming buildings, and will show how natural ventilation interacts with the mechanical heating and cooling systems. The presentation will also highlight problems that have kept some buildings from reaching their full potential. 

Automated Logic is also sponsoring a Solutions Exchange networking session, presenting the topic “Energy Efficient Building Automation.” The exchange is an interactive session that engages participants through discussions on critical topics in facilities management.

Setpoint, now what is the setpoint?

System: Automated Logic

ver. 4.1, 5.2 & 5.5

An Nifty little add-on that allows the use of groups (under the GRP tree) to edit the setpoints of multiple equipment at once.

This also serves as a developer sample for access to the groups tree, and the Setpoint aspect.  It demonstrates basic BACnet discovery and shows how to read some properties.

When the browser is navigated to this add-on’s URL, it should present a login page. Log in with any valid operator and password from the WebCTRL Server.

The left hand side should list the available schedule groups. Click on a group, then specify occupied and unoccupied setpoints on the right hand side. When you click apply, these setpoints will be applied to all equipment in the setpoint group.

Now where did I put those?

System: Automated Logic

Version: 5.5 (Beta)

This add-on provides a simple mechanism to manage and display the documentation associated with a WebCTRL system. There are numerous as-builts, network diagrams, and other documents that are associated with WebCTRL locations, but are awkward to attach as graphics. This add-on provides a simple way to include a large number of documents in a system and associate different documents with different locations in WebCTRL without requiring custom view files for each location.  You include links to the documents in a view file using the ViewBuilder WebApp Content control.  You may easily customize the format of the resulting content.

This is a very early version of this add-on which, while functional, is really intended to get some real world feedback about the features needed to manage documents in a WebCTRL system. It currently has no user interface and both the documents and their mapping to WebCTRL locations must be managed by manipulating files on the WebCTRL server. If you do not have direct access to the file system of the WebCTRL server, we suggest that you use WebDAV to get access. See your field office for more details.

Future Trending Apps – hit the road running


System: Automated Logic

All beta sites must be running WebCTRL 4.1b, 5.2 or 5.5

Version 5.6 will bring multiple browser compatibility (no more Internet Explorer only!) to WebCTRL.  As part of this effort, ALC has decided to rework the Trend Applet to solve several problems that Java applets cause and to improve the experience for our users.  The full replacement is hoped to ship with WebCTRL 5.6 (although it is possible it will ship as a separate patch after the 5.6 release).  However, we want to get feedback from you about several aspects of this new trend replacement.  Therefore, we are releasing an early preview of the trend applet replacement as on add-on here as we complete phases of development.

To try out this add-on, install it (ask your local field office) and then browse (using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome) to <webctrl server>/tar .  Use the tree on the left to select a graph.  Also note that moving the cursor over the graph causes controls to appear at the top of the graph, including a help button.  When the replacement is included into WebCTRL, it will be integrated into the product, so things like the tree control will not be present.  This control only exists to give you some way to select what trends to view.  Controls on the graph, such as help, are intended to be part of the final feature.

For each phase, we are interested in receiving specific areas of feedback (although all feedback is welcome) to help us improve the feature. Please provide feedback by adding comments to this add-on.

Jump to It!

System: Automated Logic

WebCTRL, 4.1b and 5 or later

Have a fairly large system and wish there was a faster way to navigate? Jump to It!

“JumpTo” allows you to search for locations in WebCTRL (based off of display names) and click on a link to navigate there.  This can be very handy in big systems.  It provides search results as you type.

Hopefully this needs little explanation.  Type search words and JumpTo will search as you type.  If you use multiple words it will only find locations that contain ALL of the words.  It is NOT case sensitive.  The “Clear” button just removes all search terms.

There is a “Rebuild Cache” link on the far right that will reload the internal search cache in the event that you change a display name.  This will likely be removed in a future release.

It is best used by launching the JumpTo window (http://yourserver/jumpto) and letting JumpTo launch WebCTRL.  While you can link to JumpTo from a WebCTRL graphic, if you do so, it will launch a new WebCTRL window when you navigate.  JumpTo will only launch a new window the first time, however, and will re-use that window for any subsequent jump.

This is still considered Beta quality.  Please let us know if you would like to try it out.