OptiFlex™ Integrator


The new BACnet building controllers are the latest controllers added to the OptiFlex family, Automated Logic’s next generation of flexible, scalable building controls. With support for a vast amount of I/O points, the OptiFlex BACnet building controllers can control multiple pieces of HVAC equipment simultaneously while supporting complex building control strategies. The HVAC equipment can then be managed from any web-enabled device using the WebCTRL building automation system providing operators with a robust set of online tools to monitor the health of their equipment in real time – at any time.


OptiFlex™ Integrator (part# OFHI) overview and specifications

The OptiFlex™ Integrator (part# OFHI) is a BACnet router that:

  • Provides BACnet routing between any supported BACnet communication types
  • Runs control programs
  • Can have two BACnet/IP networks communicating on the Gig-E port
  • Can serve as a BACnet Broadcast Management Device (BBMD) on each of the BACnet/IP networks
  • Supports Foreign Device Registration (FDR)
  • Supports DHCP IP addressing
  • Has built-in network diagnostic capture functionality for troubleshooting
  • Has network statistics that can be viewed numerically or as trend graphs
  • Works with the WebCTRL® v6.5 or later system with the latest cumulative patch
  • Can serve as a gateway that can act as a:
    • Master or slave on a Modbus serial network
    • Server or client on a Modbus TCP/IP network

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