WebCTRL® Hourly Weather Add-on

Is Your Facility Environment ready to adjust to today’s & tomorrows Weather?

weather add on hourly

Are you interested in controlling your facility more efficiently based on the weather forecast? Or, do you want your building occupants to stay comfortable during an upcoming heat wave or cold snap? Well, good news – Automated Logic’s weather add-ons allow you to do just that!

If you are already familiar with our existing WebCTRL® weather add-on, you know that you can execute intelligent control strategies based on the weather forecast for the next 7 days. And, you can view the 7-day weather forecast on an intuitive graphic inside of your WebCTRL system so that you always know what’s going on outdoors.

Our new WebCTRL hourly weather forecast add-on extends the capability of our existing weather add-on. Instead of getting only daily forecasts, you can now get hourly forecasts, too – allowing your control strategies to become even more precise! Our new hourly forecast add-on is compatible with the AccuWeather.com® weather service.

Key Features and Benefits

Full 5-day, hourly forecast including:

  • Hourly temperature
  • Hourly dewpoint
  • Hourly wet bulb
  • Hourly humidity

Hourly conditions forecast including:

  • Wind direction, wind speed, and gust speed
  • Precipitation | Rain | Snow | Ice

Includes pre-configured WebCTRL graphics for:

  • Daily weather forecast
  • Hourly weather forecasts