WebCTRL 6.5 Release -Bring on the Data!

ALC 6.5

WebCTRL® System v6.5 Application Release Announcement

We are excited to announce the release of the WebCTRL® system v6.5 application, which is now available. This release includes new innovative features and engineering enhancements. Some highlights of this release are:

Turbo-charged Trend Engine – The speed at which trends display and are deleted has greatly increased because of a new trend database structure.

wc timer

5X Write Speed

10X Delete Speed

15X Read Speed

70% reduction in storage space

New Linear and Angular Gauge controls

You can now quickly and easily create, scale and configure linear and angular gauges in ViewBuilder. Angular and linear gauges are enabled by the WebCTRL v6.5 application Cumulative patch for WebCTRL v6.5.

wc guage

Wireless Sensor Support

To support our upcoming wireless sensor and control line release, the WebCTRL application now supports additional Rnet tags relevant to wireless products.

  • Signal Strength %

  • Battery Strength %

  • Lux (for light level sensing)

  • Sensed Occupancy

  • Contact Sensor

Enhanced Mobile and Small Screen Navigation

The WebCTRL application can now detect access on a small-screen device such as a smart phone or small tablet, and will deliver a new interface that accommodates the smaller screen.

wc tablet

Security enhancements including but not limited to:

  • BACnet firewall – The v6-02 drivers for Automated Logic controllers with Ethernet capability have a new BACnet firewall feature that allows you to restrict communication with the controller to all private IP addresses and/or to a whitelist of IP addresses that you define.

  • Advanced password policy – This policy that lets you set rules for operator passwords is now included with a WebCTRL application system, and no longer requires an optional package.