“What’s new in WebCTRL v6.1”

WC v6.1

We are very excited to announce the release of WebCTRL v6.1. WebCTRL v6.1 will be available for purchase on Friday May 29, 2015. This release includes new innovative features and engineering enhancements. Go to Help, and then “What’s new in WebCTRL v6.1” for a complete list. Some highlights of this release are:

  • New EquipmentBuilder Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) library
  • New Fault Detection and Diagnostic Alarm Categories
  • ZN microblock limit increased from 400 to 700 to support FDD
  • WebCTRL® EnergyReports™ 2.5 support
  • Graphic Layers in Viewbuilder allow greater graphic view flexibility
  • Graphic Local Variables enable conditional expressions improve interaction
  • ALC supported Add-ons included in the install
    1. Docs – This add-on provides a simple mechanism to manage and display the documentation associated with a WebCTRL system. There are numerous as-builts, network diagrams, and other documents that are associated with WebCTRL locations, but are awkward to attach as graphics. This add-on provides a simple way to include a large number of documents in a system and associate different documents with different locations in WebCTRL without requiring custom view files for each location.  You include links to the documents in a view file using the ViewBuilder WebApp Content control.  You may easily customize the format of the resulting content.
    2. WebCTRL® EnergyReports™ v2.5 – This add-on is an incredibly flexible, easy-to-use reporting tool that gives facility managers the power to produce a wide variety of reports showing a building’s energy consumption. Using dynamic and animated color graphs, EnergyReports allows users to compare energy consumption or demand over different periods with simple drop-down menus and calendar control options. A click of the mouse enables users to normalize consumption data, convert the data to cost or carbon dioxide emissions, and change engineering units on the fly. This gives facility managers a powerful tool to minimize energy consumption, maximize comfort, and achieve sustainable building operations.
    3. JumpTo – Search and Navigation – This add-on allows you to search for locations in WebCTRL (based off of display names) and click on a link to navigate there. This is very handy in big systems since it provides search results as you type.
    4. Notes – Similar in function to the yellow adhesive note pad on your desk. Notes provide an on-screen way to attach textual notes to locations in a WebCTRL system. These notes are visible to and changeable by all users of WebCTRL. This provides a way for a user to store observations or information for later retrieval.
    5. Operator Training – This add-on includes all the WebCTRL operator training videos for installation on the WebCTRL server.
    6. Viz – This add-on is a general purpose data visualization tool. This initial version supports scatter plots – later versions will support more graph types. Viz allows you to add graphs to WebCTRL graphics pages from historical trend data.
    7. Weather – This add-on retrieves both current weather conditions and forecasts. The weather information may be displayed on a graphic page or written to a control program for use in control logic. This version supports two sources of weather information:
      1. The US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Weather Service (NWS). This free data is updated once an hour.
      2. Environment Canada. This free data is supplied as a courtesy of the Canadian Government. Many locations have a subset of the possible data.
    8. Zone History – This add‐on helps analyze historical information about zones, providing detail on the amount of time spent in different colors. This is a first step in our initiative to develop better analysis tools. Suggestions are always welcome on other zone information to compare.

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