WebCTRL Add On / Notes


Notes provides a way to attach textual notations to locations in a WebCTRL system.  These notations are visible to and changable by all users of WebCTRL.  This provides a way for a user to store observations or information for later retrieval.

For example, a note can be placed on a equipment location that indicates where the physical equipment is located, or who to contact when a problem occurs.  They can be accessed by the “system menu” (where logout is found) as a new menu item called notes.  They can also be added to a graphics (.view) file for greater visibility.

This Add-On requires the “March 2014 cumulative patch for WebCTRL v6.0” or later.

Contact Your ALC / WebCTRL® local office for additional details.


WebCTRL – Add On / Equipment Maintenance


EQ Maintenance – Now what was wrong with this piece of equipment and when was it serviced?

Enter EQ Maintenance..Allows those questions to be answered by adding the specified note type to your equipment at the place where the records can be found and recorded. These arbitrary notes are associated with specific locations in the system and can be assigned a type and then that type can be used to search for previously entered notes.