Equipment Touch

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Announcing Equipment Touch!


Key Features and Benefits

• Touchscreen user interface
• Website-like navigation
• Supports custom graphics
• Multiple security levels
• Temperature and humidity sensing
• Supports trends / alarms / schedules
• Attractive, neutral color enclosure
• USB Port for language or firmware upgrades
• Configuration stored in non-volatile memory
• Color LCD Wide Quarter VGA display
• Schedule – view and edit a BACnet schedule
• Access control – access based on credentials
• Alarm viewing – device’s alarm history buffer
• Controller status screen – present device data
• Language selection –  13 selectable languages
• Flash memory to store custom screens which are automatically downloaded from the Automated Logic controller
• Temperature and humidity sensor
• High-end interface in lieu of a ZS Pro or similar

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Technician Interface

• Full access to equipment status and parameter values
• Access to alarm and trend history for troubleshooting
• Access to scheduling, trends, and alarms
• Full access to equipment status and parameters
• Works in conjunction with WebCTRL system
• Customizable screens/navigation for a powerful and intuitive interface
• Can be mounted in equipment or in space to provide customer options

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