Automated Logic will demonstrate its new innovative Time-lapse feature

Automated Logic Showcases New WebCTRL Time-Lapse Feature at NFM&T Expo
Automated Logic will demonstrate its new innovative Time-lapse feature within the WebCTRL® BAS at the National Facilities Management and Technology Conference and Expo (NFM&T) March 12 to 14, 2013 in Baltimore.
During the three day event, Automated Logic engineers will be available to demonstrate the effectiveness of Time-lapse, a graphical diagnostic tool that allows users to rewind and play back hours of building data in minutes. Time-lapse provides a quick overview of building operations and enables users to pinpoint the source of issues impacting their facility’s performance.

“This innovative feature is like having instant replay for your building,” said Lauren Kolb, president, Automated Logic. “Our goal is to give our customers an easy, effective way to balance smart and efficient energy use with a comfortable environment, and this new feature does exactly that.”

Automated Logic will also participate in an educational session. Steve Tom, director, technical information, Automated Logic, will present in the Greening of Existing Buildings track with a session entitled “Automatic Control of Natural Ventilation.” This presentation will examine the control system design of several existing and upcoming buildings, and will show how natural ventilation interacts with the mechanical heating and cooling systems. The presentation will also highlight problems that have kept some buildings from reaching their full potential. 

Automated Logic is also sponsoring a Solutions Exchange networking session, presenting the topic “Energy Efficient Building Automation.” The exchange is an interactive session that engages participants through discussions on critical topics in facilities management.

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