Now where did I put those?

System: Automated Logic

Version: 5.5 (Beta)

This add-on provides a simple mechanism to manage and display the documentation associated with a WebCTRL system. There are numerous as-builts, network diagrams, and other documents that are associated with WebCTRL locations, but are awkward to attach as graphics. This add-on provides a simple way to include a large number of documents in a system and associate different documents with different locations in WebCTRL without requiring custom view files for each location.  You include links to the documents in a view file using the ViewBuilder WebApp Content control.  You may easily customize the format of the resulting content.

This is a very early version of this add-on which, while functional, is really intended to get some real world feedback about the features needed to manage documents in a WebCTRL system. It currently has no user interface and both the documents and their mapping to WebCTRL locations must be managed by manipulating files on the WebCTRL server. If you do not have direct access to the file system of the WebCTRL server, we suggest that you use WebDAV to get access. See your field office for more details.

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