Future Trending Apps – hit the road running


System: Automated Logic

All beta sites must be running WebCTRL 4.1b, 5.2 or 5.5

Version 5.6 will bring multiple browser compatibility (no more Internet Explorer only!) to WebCTRL.  As part of this effort, ALC has decided to rework the Trend Applet to solve several problems that Java applets cause and to improve the experience for our users.  The full replacement is hoped to ship with WebCTRL 5.6 (although it is possible it will ship as a separate patch after the 5.6 release).  However, we want to get feedback from you about several aspects of this new trend replacement.  Therefore, we are releasing an early preview of the trend applet replacement as on add-on here as we complete phases of development.

To try out this add-on, install it (ask your local field office) and then browse (using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome) to <webctrl server>/tar .  Use the tree on the left to select a graph.  Also note that moving the cursor over the graph causes controls to appear at the top of the graph, including a help button.  When the replacement is included into WebCTRL, it will be integrated into the product, so things like the tree control will not be present.  This control only exists to give you some way to select what trends to view.  Controls on the graph, such as help, are intended to be part of the final feature.

For each phase, we are interested in receiving specific areas of feedback (although all feedback is welcome) to help us improve the feature. Please provide feedback by adding comments to this add-on.

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