Jump to It!

System: Automated Logic

WebCTRL, 4.1b and 5 or later

Have a fairly large system and wish there was a faster way to navigate? Jump to It!

“JumpTo” allows you to search for locations in WebCTRL (based off of display names) and click on a link to navigate there.  This can be very handy in big systems.  It provides search results as you type.

Hopefully this needs little explanation.  Type search words and JumpTo will search as you type.  If you use multiple words it will only find locations that contain ALL of the words.  It is NOT case sensitive.  The “Clear” button just removes all search terms.

There is a “Rebuild Cache” link on the far right that will reload the internal search cache in the event that you change a display name.  This will likely be removed in a future release.

It is best used by launching the JumpTo window (http://yourserver/jumpto) and letting JumpTo launch WebCTRL.  While you can link to JumpTo from a WebCTRL graphic, if you do so, it will launch a new WebCTRL window when you navigate.  JumpTo will only launch a new window the first time, however, and will re-use that window for any subsequent jump.

This is still considered Beta quality.  Please let us know if you would like to try it out.

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