Mulligan – need a second chance? If not now, chances are someday you will….your database that is.

System: Automated Logic

WebCTRL, 3.0, 4.1b and 5 or later

Mulligan is a local and remote backup solution for WebCTRL servers.

Once the proper configuration files are in place, Mulligan can be run manually by either double-clicking on mulligan.exe or calling it from the command line. It may also be run on a schedule using Task Scheduler.

Mulligan stops the WebCTRL service, backs up one one or more directories (such as the system folder and a database backup folder), and then restarts the WebCTRL service. Should any errors be encountered along the way it also notifies predefined recipients via email and/or (in verbose mode) by message box.

NOTE:  For WebCTRL servers running databases that do not reside in the webroot, database backup utilities should be run to a Mulligan target directory and they too will be backed up.


  • Email notifications
  • Remote backup via FTP
  • Local (or network) backup
  • Encrypted xml configuration and licensing files
  • Command line or configuration file driven parameters with reasonable default values

Why call it Mulligan?  Good backups mean that when the worst happens, we get another shot.

Mulligan is currently in beta.  Comments, bug reports, and ideas for improvments are always welcome!

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