Monitoring your Controller Network

(click on “Modstat” graphic for enlarged view)

System – Automated Logic (Beta version)

Need to keep closer tabs on your controller network? This service add “Modstat” gathers and analyzes modstats or module status.  It will gather and analyze modstats from all the devices below a selected location. It will also provide all the modstats in a zip file.

Currently it provides the following checks:

  • No communications
  • Watchdog Timeouts
  • Error Messages
  • Programs loaded but not running
  • Low free database space or memory
  • BACnet comm errors over the last 7 days
  • Excessive ARCnet reconfigs
  • Ethernet transmit / receive errors
  • Minimum File Storage Space
  • No Driver Loaded
  • No Programs Loaded
  • Object ID Mismatch
  • Driver Version Mismatch
  • Parsing Error (see note below)

Modstats reports are currently intended primarily for human consumption, not for a diagnostic tool like this.


Current Beta Modstat add is only to work with the final release of WebCTRL 5 or later.

Possible Modstat graphic option;

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