Precise Power Monitoring – via phasor

Precise Power Monitoring – via phasor

System – Automated Logic

What is a Phasor graphic?

A Phasor graphic is a WebCTRL graphic (phasor.view) that shows dynamic voltage and current readings for an electric meter.

As shown in the example below, you can custom add other items to the Phasor graphic such as a trend graph and other data. You can also add multiple phasor graphics to the phasor.view file.

(click on graphic for enlarged view)


• WebCTRL v4 Service Pack 1b or later with optional Enterprise Integration package

• The control program contains all of the following reference names. We suggest using a BACnet
Analog Value Status microblock for each value.
Current readings Reference names;

Phase A angle_ia_ano

Phase B angle_ib_ano

Phase C angle_ic_ano

Voltage readings
Phase A angle_va_ano

Phase B angle_vb_ano

Phase C angle_vc_ano

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