Override Tenant Billing

Override Tenant Billing

System – Automated Logic

Property Managers; Need a handy way to accuratly reclaim the cost of energy used afterhours?

Tenant Override Billing may be your answer! It allows you to bill tenants for the time that they override your WebCTRL system, changing their area from unoccupied to occupied. Billing does not include overrides of less than a minute.
You can schedule Tenant Override Billing to automatically produce monthly invoices for all tenants, or you can produce manual invoices for selected tenants on an as-needed basis. You can email the invoices or print them.
Each time Tenant Override Billing produces invoices, it creates the following:
• A .pdf file and an Excel spreadsheet for each tenant’s invoice. The files are saved in WebCTRLx.x\webroot\<system_name>\webapp_public\override\reports\<tenant>. The file names contain the invoice date and time for easy retrieval.
• A file named report.pdf that contains all the invoices produced at that time and can be used to print the invoices. This file is:
○ saved in WebCTRLx.x\webserver\webapps\override\reports
○ overwritten each time invoices are produced
○ automatically opens when you run manual invoices
• An email invoice (if this feature is set up for your company and the tenant)


• WebCTRL v4 Service Pack 1b or later with optional Enterprise Integration package