Sanity Check! we all need those right?

Sanity Check – I could use one of those every now and then…

System – Automated Logic

WebCTRL, 4.1b and 5 or later

Get a little overwhelmed at times and have to make sure your setpoint boundaries are in order? This add-on provides a report to check for values outside of specified minimum / maximum values.  The user can specify a list of microblock display names to check and the acceptable minimum / maximum value for each name.  It can then perform a a basic sanity check to look for any current values outside of the specified ranges.  This may be useful finding problems like open or shorted sensors.

This sample is intended to demonstrate basic field data access. It also uses local data stores to save the previously used minimum / maximum values.

Monitoring your Controller Network

(click on “Modstat” graphic for enlarged view)

System – Automated Logic (Beta version)

Need to keep closer tabs on your controller network? This service add “Modstat” gathers and analyzes modstats or module status.  It will gather and analyze modstats from all the devices below a selected location. It will also provide all the modstats in a zip file.

Currently it provides the following checks:

  • No communications
  • Watchdog Timeouts
  • Error Messages
  • Programs loaded but not running
  • Low free database space or memory
  • BACnet comm errors over the last 7 days
  • Excessive ARCnet reconfigs
  • Ethernet transmit / receive errors
  • Minimum File Storage Space
  • No Driver Loaded
  • No Programs Loaded
  • Object ID Mismatch
  • Driver Version Mismatch
  • Parsing Error (see note below)

Modstats reports are currently intended primarily for human consumption, not for a diagnostic tool like this.


Current Beta Modstat add is only to work with the final release of WebCTRL 5 or later.

Possible Modstat graphic option;

Precise Power Monitoring – via phasor

Precise Power Monitoring – via phasor

System – Automated Logic

What is a Phasor graphic?

A Phasor graphic is a WebCTRL graphic (phasor.view) that shows dynamic voltage and current readings for an electric meter.

As shown in the example below, you can custom add other items to the Phasor graphic such as a trend graph and other data. You can also add multiple phasor graphics to the phasor.view file.

(click on graphic for enlarged view)


• WebCTRL v4 Service Pack 1b or later with optional Enterprise Integration package

• The control program contains all of the following reference names. We suggest using a BACnet
Analog Value Status microblock for each value.
Current readings Reference names;

Phase A angle_ia_ano

Phase B angle_ib_ano

Phase C angle_ic_ano

Voltage readings
Phase A angle_va_ano

Phase B angle_vb_ano

Phase C angle_vc_ano

Override Tenant Billing

Override Tenant Billing

System – Automated Logic

Property Managers; Need a handy way to accuratly reclaim the cost of energy used afterhours?

Tenant Override Billing may be your answer! It allows you to bill tenants for the time that they override your WebCTRL system, changing their area from unoccupied to occupied. Billing does not include overrides of less than a minute.
You can schedule Tenant Override Billing to automatically produce monthly invoices for all tenants, or you can produce manual invoices for selected tenants on an as-needed basis. You can email the invoices or print them.
Each time Tenant Override Billing produces invoices, it creates the following:
• A .pdf file and an Excel spreadsheet for each tenant’s invoice. The files are saved in WebCTRLx.x\webroot\<system_name>\webapp_public\override\reports\<tenant>. The file names contain the invoice date and time for easy retrieval.
• A file named report.pdf that contains all the invoices produced at that time and can be used to print the invoices. This file is:
○ saved in WebCTRLx.x\webserver\webapps\override\reports
○ overwritten each time invoices are produced
○ automatically opens when you run manual invoices
• An email invoice (if this feature is set up for your company and the tenant)


• WebCTRL v4 Service Pack 1b or later with optional Enterprise Integration package