WebCTRL 5.5 released!

WebCTRL v5.5 Released!

System – Automated Logic

We are very excited to announce the release of WebCTRL v5.5 software.

WebCTRL v5.5 includes new innovative features and engineering enhancements to further simplify the industry’s most powerful user interface. Go to Help, and then “What’s new in WebCTRL v5.5” for a complete list. Some highlights are:

Time-Lapse: This new feature makes building and system/equipment diagnostics much easier. A WebCTRL user can choose a calendar date and review from 1 hr to 24 hours of data in just 30 seconds. Time-Lapse can show Graphics, Alarms, or Trends. A video-style toolbar with progress bar allows single step forward/backward, pause, and play

Trend-Clippings: Trends can now be optionally exported in a clipping, enabling projects to be moved between different WebCTRL servers without loss of Historical Trend data.

WebApps in ViewBuilder Graphics: You can now easily add WebApp content to graphics

Increased JAVA Virtual Memory: The default amount of memory that WebCTRL is permitted to use has been increased from 512MB to 1024MB, increasing the speed at which memory intensive tasks are performed

64-Bit Local Access: The 64-bit install now supports local access

Apache Derby Database Support: More robust and stable than the older MS Access, Derby is a cross-platform database supported on both 32/64 bit operating systems. Transfer of files across platforms is achieved through a user-friendly interface

ZS Combo Sensor Support: New control drivers for WebCTRL v5.5 will be released towards the end of this calendar year that support:

An interactive ZS Sensor control on ViewBuilder graphics, allowing adjustment of setpoint and override of an unoccupied state

* New microblocks for the ZS Combo Sensor

* No third-party BACnet point counting

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