So, Hows it been going?


System – Automated Logic

Zone History – So, Hows it been going? Get the question often? Well this may not be about yourself, but your building zones, this WebCTRL add looks to be an excellent tool for developing a building zone strategy or a great maintenance tool.

Zone History helps analyze historical information about zones.  Currently, this is limited to analyzing the amount of time spent in different colors.  We consider this an experiment to help develop some better analysis tools.  We are open to suggestions of other zone information to compare.

This add-on provides a tree of all zones (equipment containing a setpoint microblock).  You can select a zone or an area containing zones.  It will then total the amount of time spent in each color over the specified time range.  The pie chart displayed at the top represents the aggregate data for all the zones beneath the selected location.  Beneath this is a table of all the individual zones sorted by “satisfaction”.  The satisfaction number is the percent of time that the zone was unoccupied (gray) or operational (green).  This is an interesting way to find zones that may be undersized or underserved in some way.  For example, zones that spend a lot of time yellow or orange (without ever going into alarm) will sort towards the top of this list.

This add-on requires WebCTRL 5.5.  One of the features of WebCTRL 5.5 is the ability to automatically trend color information (see System Settings / Scheduled Tasks / Enable Server Trending of Color to enable this).  This add-on will use either these server color trends or any wire trends of color.  Note that the server color trends actually perform better for this application, use of wire trends will often result in colors of “Unknown” when the trends have not yet been reported to the server.

This add-on can also contribute one of these pie charts to a graphics page. WebCTRL 5.5 includes a new “WebApp Content” control in ViewBuilder that can include a pie chart from this add-on calculated using a specified amount of time and a specified location.

Note that retrieving all of this color information and analyzing it can take a good bit of time, especially in large systems.  This add-on will cache this data so that it will be much more efficient if the report is run again on the same day.

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