Visual Performance Graphics / Viz (ex: chillers)


Visual Performance Graphics / Viz (ex: chillers)

System – Automated Logic

Viz is a general purpose data visualization tool.  This initial version only supports scatter plots, but later versions will support more graph types.

Viz allows you to add graphs to WebCTRL graphics pages from historical trend data.  Please see the attached help file for detailed instructions. Viz requires the Enterprise license feature.


Viz is now out of beta!

Even though the beta is complete, we would still love to see how you are using this. If you develop some interesting graphs or solve a problem using Viz, please let us know.  We might feature your graph in one of our future write-ups or add it to the set of preview graphs on this page.  If you have a story or graph you can imagine in your system, please let us know

We would very much like feedback on Viz.  Feel free to provide suggestions on the current add-on or ideas for future data visualization features.

Have an App for that?

Have an App for that?

System – Automated Logic

Provides simple occupant access to a zone’s setpoints and current temperature through an iPhone.  This only allows access to adjusting setpoint offsets (just like you would on the actual room sensor).  It does not allow access to changing the real underlying setpoints.

Currently in Beta – Requires WebCTRL 5